Customized Transcription Solutions That Deliver 98+% Accuracy
with World-Class Service and Fast Turn-Arounds

ScribeWell has earned the industry’s highest customer satisfaction and retention rates of 100% by consistently delivering high quality, accurate transcriptions on time. We are the first and only medical transcription company to give you HIPAA compliant records.

Our world-class customer service leverages personally assigned teams of highly qualified medically trained personnel, to assure accurate, complete records and fast turn-around. With the combination of our telecom, web and Alirti™ technology, we provide a higher level of service than any other medical transcription company in the industry. You can interact with us in real time any way you want, any time you want, and anywhere you are—via secure phone, web and mobile text. That includes orders, confirmation, notifications, reviews and questions.

Our strategically located customer support staff allows us to leverage the time zone differences to deliver truly round-the-clock service to you. We work with the entire gamut of medical record / report formats, as well as types of voice, image, video and audio files. You also get a wider variety of options for dictation, viewing and delivery of transcribed files.

With ScribeWell, you’ll enjoy:

  • 365 / 24 / 7 personalized care from your transcription team, with experience that matches your needs
  • Turn-around by next business morning on normal files and stat files as fast as one hour
  • A highly qualified medically trained staff to assure accuracy and dramatically reduce turn-around
  • Complete and accurate records—even if they aren’t complete when they come to us (We will check with you for missing areas.)
  • Accuracy and consistency of content, even for the parts of the report that were transcribed by another agency
  • Easy 24 / 7 access to your transcriptions, files and records
  • Easy uploads and downloads of files with the simple click of a mouse or the push of a phone button
  • Freedom from capital outlays and long-term contracts.

We make it easy to keep your medical records up-to-date, accurate and complete—for better patient care, faster billings and higher reimbursements.

ScribeWell offers flexible pricing options to meet your needs. We can quote per line, per page, per report, per minute of dictation—or provide you with a price for a fixed monthly fee, based on your average volume. That way, you’ll have no surprises. You can simply put it in your monthly budget, without worries about variable costs for transcription.

For physician practices, we offer 5 free reports of our on-demand medical transcription service. Just click here or call us at 1-800-964-5171 to get started!