Medical Transcription Service Organization




A Competitive Advantage You Can Offer Your Client Hospitals and Practices to Enhance Profitability and Patient Care

With ScribeWell as your partner, you’ll get something you won’t find with any other transcription company—a unique combination of services, including:

  • Customized on-demand transcription solutions with optional imbedded imagery
  • On-demand 24 / 7 access to records, imagery, video and audio via any mobile device.

Now you can offer these competitive advantages to your prospects and clients, to enhance your ability to acquire new business and increase profitability.

Imagine how convenient it would be for the doctors of your clients to have immediate mobile access to records, x-rays, MRIs and tests while they’re on rounds—even when they’re at another hospital or at home. And if a doctor needs to read the image and add that to the record, they can simply click on the record number and start dictating.

This industry-exclusive service can help your clients save time and provide more immediate high-quality care, both during and outside of normal hours. And it doesn’t require any new equipment or additional wireless internet service.

ScribeWell’s HIPAA compliant transcription services with optional imbedded imagery help tame the volume of paperwork for doctors and support personnel, assuring more complete and accurate medical records for better patient care, faster billing and higher reimbursement.

We have extensive experience with the entire gamut of medical record / report formats, as well as types of voice, image, video and audio files. You’ll also have more options for dictation, viewing and delivery of transcribed files and imagery.

With ScribeWell, your clients will enjoy:

  • 365 / 24 / 7 personalized care from your assigned transcription team
  • A highly qualified medically trained staff to assure quality
  • Complete and accurate records
  • Turn-around customized according to your schedule
  • 365 / 24 / 7 on-demand access to records, images, tests, video and audio files via any mobile device.

On-demand mobile imagery can cost as low as only a few pennies per access.

For hospitals, we recommend a scalable customized pilot program to test the on-demand imagery technology.

For physician practices, we offer 5 free days of our on-demand medical transcription and imagery. Their free trial includes the following services for 5 business days:

  • On-Demand Transcription
  • Transcription with Optional Imbedded Imagery
  • On-Demand Imagery via any Mobile Device

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