The Answers to Common Questions from ScribeWell Clients

How long have you been in business?

ScribeWell was founded in 2004. Since that time, we have transcribed thousands of hours of medical and workers compensation reports. In 2008, we purchased Smart Transcriptions, a Los Angeles based transcription company. We are proud to be one of the fastest-growing and most innovative companies in the industry.

What kind of work do you transcribe?

Because we handle the transcription needs of private clinics and hospitals, we work on the whole spectrum of reports from consults, to progress notes, operatives, radiology reports, sleeps studies, mammography, etc. across all specialities of practice. We also work all the types of workers compensation reports, from initial evaluations to Permanent and Stationary reports.

Where are your transcribers located?

ScribeWell employs transcriptionists both in the USA and in its processing center in the Philippines.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Compliance with the HIPAA law is at the heart of what we do and ScribeWell has instituted policies and procedures to address the following:

  •  Physical Security – HIPAA – The production facilities are controlled by biometrics and IP cameras are installed to ensure that only authorized personnel have access.
  • Information Security – HIPAA – We use a firewall and filter on incoming ports. Only FTP and management ports can access into our system. We employ valid login-name and login-password controls access to our FTP servers. Access to our FTP servers by our clients is supported by SSL, and files are encrypted as they are sent across the Internet. No one who intercepts the data en route will be in a position to decode or interpret it. We also provide complete security to documents or sound files transferred to and from our server for our clients.
  •  Desktop Access – HIPAA – We have auto-logoff, ID / password protection, password-protected screensavers, and a security-enabled OS (WinXp) limit access to our network. All USB ports are deactivated. Only fully trained authorized IT staff have access for support and maintenance.
  •  Privacy – HIPAA – Only those authorized by the originator of the dictation is provided access to a file on our system and database. Additionally All our transcribers sign a binding non-disclosure agreement.

How do I get started?

Click here or call 1-800-964-5171 to start your free 5-day unlimited use trial or your custom pilot program.

How can I transfer my files?

Your files can be transferred to ScribeWell in a number of ways. Digital audio files can be transferred to us securely via FTP. Upon request, we will create an FTP area for you or your company and email details on the process for electronically transferring your files. You simply log in with your User ID and Password. It’s as easy as that.
An account can be set up for dictation into our HIPAA compliant toll free dictation system. Paperwork can be transferred via fax, or FTP transfer into our secure servers.

I’ve been quoted a lower rate. Why should I use ScribeWell’s services?

Lower rates often translate to poor quality and accuracy in transcription, which costs you more in the long term. ScribeWell offers flexible pricing options to meet your needs. We can quote per visible black character, per line, per page, per report, per minute of dictation—or provide you with a price for a fixed monthly fee, based on the volume of your free trial offer period. Our pricing is structured to serve two purposes:

  1. Our business is successful and our staff is paid fairly
  2. Our clients pay a fair price for an exceptionally prepared / delivered product, backed by world-class service.

We invite you to discover for yourself why we have the highest customer satisfaction rate and retention rate in the industry.

How can you claim your guarantee of 98+% accuracy?

We employ only highly educated transcriptionists with specialized training in various medical fields. Our transeditors proof and check their work for accuracy and the complete scope for the report. With our exclusive Alirti™ technology, we also provide extensive interaction with you via email text and phone every step of the way, to assure speed, accuracy and convenience. We leverage this easy-to-use technology to provide world-class customer service for verifications, alerts, notifications, clarifications and approvals. All of these empower us to provide you with extremely accurate records.